Dev Squad

Devsquad is a site dedicated to helping software developers with skills they need in order to further their careers. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional DevSquad exists to help you. This is an open source project as well so you can contribute to it to get introduced to contributing to OSS

While we could wind up going in any direction initially the vision for this project is to start working on things from a conceptual and an approach level. Hopefully at the end of the project you will understand how a binary tree search works, when to use it, and a few examples of how it can be implemented.

I want to help people with:

  • Key Algorithms - conceptually how they work and implementations
  • Interview Kit - mock interview tools, sample questions, prep steps
  • Resume Tips - ways to help yourself honestly represent yourself and get a job where you can succeed
  • Sample Career Paths - What are some common paths you can take
  • How to grow your career - Regardless of your path, how can you keep growing?

Current Needs:

  • * Designer to help with look and Feel
  • * Start work on building Algorithm module components
  • * Any other areas you feel like contributing! Check out our open Issues Here
  • * You can check out the contribution guide Here for how to add your own issues

For now to get involved check out the  Github Repo